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I was in love with my boyfriend Yegor. We met for a month and he was 5 years older than me. I wanted to surrender to him. And then one day he invited me to his home having previously informed that there would be no one at home. He was much more experienced than me and it aroused me. I knew that today he would deprive me of virginity. I put on a skirt pantyhose in a mesh and a topic. No bra no panties I did not wear.

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When I entered his apartment I realized that he was ready. As soon as I walked into the room I heard him lock the door. I turned and wanted to come up and kiss him but he said harshly «to the knees of the whore.»

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I obeyed. I was always excited by easy submission to the man. He unbuttoned his fly and planted my mouth on his cock. He furiously fucked me in the mouth. Occasionally he let me take the air. It lasted for 15 minutes finally he finished. He made me swallow all his sperm. He ordered to remain kneeling. For another 10 minutes I just stood there afraid to move. Finally he appeared. He came over and hit me hard on the right cheek. I screamed but I really enjoyed it. And he seems to have understood this. He walked away and began to look at me with a smirk. And I realized what to do. I felt like a whore his whore.

And I liked it. I bent down to kiss his feet with screams «I’m your fucking Lord you can dispose of me as you want. Just hit me again. I am begging you». He smiled. He came over and began to slap me on the cheeks. After about 50 strokes my cheeks burned and I fell to the floor. «On the knees of the slut!» — shouted the Lord. But I did not obey I began to take off my skirt pantyhose with the words «Fuck me Lord. I’m your cocksucker I’m your whore. » He liked it. Then I got cancer. And he began begging him to fuck me.

He jerked his 20cm cock into me. He fucked me rude. Constantly slapped me on the ass saying «oh you slut. Oh you’re a slut whore. » I screamed and begged not to stop this. He fucked me fiercely.

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He went almost completely and rudely planted himself in me. Then he suddenly went out and I did not have time to recover as he full-length planted his dick in my ass. He put his fingers in my mouth and fucked fucked fucked. In the ass it was very painful to fuck but I could not refuse my Master. We finished at the same time.

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Then I sucked him and he allowed me to get dressed. After that he offered me a glass of wine and led me to the door. I turned to kiss him and thank him but he slapped me a slap in the face with the words » You do not need a dick for me with your kisses. Soon I’ll call you and you’ll fuck all my life. All. Get out of my apartment. «After that we did not see each other for a week and then he called. But that is another story.

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