Hot games with a girlfriend

Hot games with a girlfriend

It was already getting dark and my friend and I sitting by the lake argued who would finish faster. I or she. But to check this you had to either masturbate or look for men who fuck us in turn. And one of us will detect the time of sex and orgasm. Long had to argue before she shut up and I offered to check it. But she agreed. Having spread a soft blanket near the tent so that it would not press so hard in the ass we undressed and took up the stopwatch. I lay on my back stretching my legs and she sitting on the pope folding them in her knees like a yogi. So after saying «start» we began to rub our clitches as fast as if we wanted to end not in speed but in relief. Girlfriend strongly pressed on his pussy. She was moaning she had to touch her nipples. And then when she was already hurt she straight screamed. On her pussy ran thrusting shivers she became wildly hurt and she stopped. From the shock I continued to rub myself slowly enjoying myself and waited until my friend calmed down and began anew.

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But not after five not ten minutes later she did not finish. She was hurt and that’s all. I even forgot about the argument. I felt so sorry for her that I was ready to introduce myself to a lesbian and make her feel at least happy because she could not even sleep on the platoon. And so waiting until she silenced and would not howl I stopped put my hand to her and touched the pubis. She froze asking her eyes what I want to do and I continued this by pulling myself up to her and dropped her fingers to the clitoris. He really was very hot but small. Hardness was not observed. Lowered below I felt a hole. Such a big one I have not even seen in the photo yet. My three fingers were drowned there directly and my friend was so pleased that she threw her head back and closing her eyes was really enjoying herself smiling.

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Then I wanted to make her a real buzz. I turned on my tummy and sucking on her charms I started to drive the tongue around the clitoris making it nice. She smiled moaned stroked my hair and finally finished hugging me with her feet from above. I was happy. My face was all in her grease and I had to go straight to the lake to clean up. But when I bent down becoming almost a cancer I felt such a jolt and then a sharp satisfaction that she almost described herself with happiness. My friend came to me so quietly that I felt only caress. She kissed me between the anus and the snap pulling in that place and then pressed her lips to my hard clit that looked out from under the sexual sponges. And I stood there looking down now forward resting my hands on my legs so that I could hold out for five minutes feeling so much pleasure that I did not want to leave.

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Turning to her I realized that I wanted to kiss her. We merged our lips merged with bodies. She stroked me on the back pinching her ass. And then we lay down and began to appease each other as if I were pleasing myself. This girl knew all my erogenous points. I ended more than ever. And if the guys were so sensitive there would be no price for them. In the meantime I’m a chef.